Short Circuit began as an ambitious international touring group show devised by Curator and Producer, Aly Grimes. Consisting of nine new media artists and collectives it attempted to re-assess the archetypal framework of a travelling exhibition. The project proposed a new experimental model of display realised in three different locations across Europe to include Birmingham, Venice and Copenhagen. Its structure aimed to investigate new ways that exhibition spaces can present touring shows in the context of the Digital Age and Post Internet and manifested as a highly experimental research project susceptible to failure that could glitch, trip, malfunction or ‘short circuit’.

Since the completion of the initial tour, the project has since developed into an innovative curatorial platform supporting digital, new media and moving image artists across the globe. Most recently Short Circuit partnered with Centrala Gallery to produce ‘The Digital Diaspora’, an exhibition which focused on the topics of unity and division to commemorate 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, subsequent opening up of Europe whilst contrastingly taking place during the British exit from the European Union.

Phase #2 - The Digital Diaspora (2018/19)

Centrala - Birmingham, UK (01.03 - 13.04.2019) / Studio 44 - Stockholm, Sweden (15.03 - 07.04.2019) / Supermarket Art Fair - Stockholm, Sweden (04.04 - 07.07.2019)

Selected Artists: Zoë Aiano, Anna Jochymek, Tamara Kametani and Jens Masimov

Selected Film Screening Artists: Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, Alicja Rogalska, Aron Rossman Kiss, Natalia Skobeeva and Natalija Vikulina

Phase #1 - Short Circuit Touring Exhibition (2016/2017)

Stryx - Birmingham, UK (03.09 - 29.10.2016) / A plus A Gallery - Venice, Italy (09.02 - 09.03.2017) / OK Corral - Copenhagen, Denmark (05.05 - 27.05.2017)

Selected Artists: Honey Beckerlee, The Cool Couple, Johan Knattrup Jensen, Kensuke Koike, Ryts Monet, Emily Mulenga, Juneau Projects and Antonio Roberts and David Stjernholm