School for Curatorial Studies, Venice (SCSV)

A plus A Gallery - Venice, Italy (01.05 - 01.11.05)

Class of 2015/ ‘September Collective’ Members: Aliki Chatziangeli [GR], Cynthia Fusillo [US/ES], Aly Grimes [UK], Colin Groenewald [SA], Sacha Guedj-Cohen [FR], Kerem Güman [TR], Niki Jiang [CN], Bruna Grinsztejn João [BR], Julie Jane Nissen [DK], Salima Otaru [NG], Kenneth Paranada [PH], Alexine Rodenhuis [US/NL], Amanda Shore [CA], Fernanda Thomazi [BR], Stine Slot Tobiasen [DK], Jason van Eyk [CA], Yurun Xia [CN].

The School for Curatorial Studies Venice is an ambitious and challenging project promoted since 2004 and conceived as a school committed to experimentation and interdisciplinary thinking. The main goals are to spread knowledge in the field of visual arts and to introduce the students to the professions related to the art world, focusing on contemporary curatorial theory and practice and contemporary museology. The School’s activities are meant for all those interested and passionate of art, graduate students or professionals who want to deepen their knowledge and improve their practical skills. The staff is formed by Italian and international professionals, scholars, historians and art critics of recognised experience.