Zoe Aiano / Anna Jochymek / Tamara Kametani / Jens Masimov

Exhibition Opening at Centrala - 01.03.2019 Exhibition Opening at Studio 44 - 15.03.2019

The Digital Diaspora is an exhibition exchange partnership co-organised by Centrala, Birmingham and Studio 44 Stockholm in collaboration with Short Circuit.

Based on the topics of unity and division this timely project lays particular emphasis on Europe as it's arrival marks 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent overthrow of Communist rule. Providing an opportunity to reflect on the collapse of the Soviet Union and opening up of Eastern Europe, the exhibition also contrastingly takes place during the British Exit from the European Union.

Through performative action, immersive and interactive measures, artists work directly responds to the current socio-political climate of the continent addressing key issues of migration, borders, territory, cultural identity, belonging and isolation.

Mirroring the physical movement of the diasporic communities, the artworks will also migrate in an attempt to bypass physical boundaries and establish more human and digital connections.

The Digital Diaspora will open at Centrala in Birmingham on 1 March 2019 and Studio 44 in Stockholm on 15 March 2019 presenting itself to two different audiences - one remaining in the EU and the other in pursuit of its former sovereignty and independence.

Exhibition dates Centrala: 01.03 - 13.04.2019 Studio 44: 15.03 - 07.04.2019

Associated events

16.03.2019 Artists’ film screenings and discussions at Studio 44, Stockholm

20.03.2019 Wednesday Canvas discussion at Centrala

04 - 07.04.2019 Supermarket Independent Art Fair 2019, Stockholm

05.04.2019 Late-night exhibition opening at Centrala with live stream from Supermarket Independent Art Fair, 2019, Stockholm

30.04 - 06.05.2019 Artists’ film screenings and discussions for Flatpack Film Festival

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