The Digital Domestic

Tensta konsthall - Stockholm, Sweden (16.05.18)

The Digital Domestic was a new commissioned performative lecture presented by Digital Artist, Antonio Roberts and Curator, Aly Grimes.

Since the birth of the internet in 1989 the speed of its development has led to a radical shift in the way that the home appears today in the Global North. The online domain continues to infiltrate the physical world, downloading itself into our homes through the ‘internet of things’ - a phenomenon described as ‘the colonisation of the domestic environment by similarly networked products and services intended to deliver convenience’[1]. Drawing inspiration from cultural theorists Hannah Arendt and Helen Hester, Roberts examined the impact of automation, smart devices and digital assistants on domestic labour and hypothesised how we will operate in the home in the years to come.

This event formed part of the public programme of artist Dora Garcia’s exhibition 'Red Love' at Tensta konsthall in collaboration with CuratorLab at Konstfack University. The performance was supported by EUCIDA (European Connections in Digital Art), Konstfack University and Tensta konsthall.